Welcome To WiiCast – Latest News Posted Here

Welcome To WiiCast – Latest News Posted Here

Kid Niki: Radical Ninja (NES)

Before Katamari, Japan released plenty of oddities that made it to the US. Kid Niki is one of those games. KN is a platform game released on the NES. The object is to guide Niki through different levels, connected by a world map, to save someone. The game itself has a great cartoony style and strange boss battles (see video). My kingdom for a re-release!

Chakan: The Forever Man (Sega Genesis)

During the dark time of 16bit machines when games like “Crue Ball” and other Metal/Death games were being released, Chakan was born. Released in 1993 on the Sega Genesis, Chakan put players in the role of The Foreverman.Two swords hack and slash through enemies with the greatest of ease. Chakan is a tough game. It’s mainly a platforming game with some great art and level design and a “Killer” soundtrack. In fact, it’s one of my favorite game soundtracks to date. Unfortunately, Chakan was not meant for this world, although a sequel was in the works for the Dreamcast, development never got past some beta footage.

Sonic CD

No Sega CD games have graced the Virtual Console yet but we can only hope that this will be the game that kicks it off. A Sonic CD is hands down the best 2D sonic game. Really. The game is huge with 2D levels featuring 3d elements such as ramps and loops. Personally, I’d be more than willing to shell out 800 points for this game.

Jet Force Gemini (N64)

Before Halo, there was only Jet Force Gemini. Developed by Rare in the middle of the 64’s life, JFG is still one of the best shooters available for any system. Not only is the gameplay great, but being from rare, you know the art/graphics and story are all amazing as well. Choose between three heroes to save the cosmos!

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FlashBack (SNES/Genesis)

Part platform, part puzzle, part action. Flashback was in the incredible piece of software for its time. 2D animation never looked so good on a console before Flashback. You are stranded on a strange world evading your captors. Will you escape? Armed with a gun and an impressive move set, you’ll have to try. I have a bad feeling that this game will never see the virtual console…mainly because it was published by Sony Imagesoft…oops!

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Feature: Our Most Wanted Virtual Console Games

This was originally going to be an episode of The Wiicast but iIwas having trouble locating good footage for all the games. In a time where obscure classic games are within our reach, I’d like to add my two cents into the mix. These are some forgotten games I played growing up and would love to see them make a comeback via the Virtual Console. Here’s the list in no particular order. This episode was a lot of fun to work on. Instead of staying at home, we decided to go out to a local country western bar to get drunk. I like the way it turned out…Wonder Woman references and everything. No viewer mail this episode because of the two reviews. And we’re not really sure where “Shirley” came from. Enjoy!
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