DDR: Hottest Party Screens and Info/Hands on Preview

DDR: Hottest Party Screens and Info/Hands on Preview

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Konami announces DDR: Hottest Party for Nintendo Wii. Details within.

Konami today announced that it is bringing a new edition of its popular Dance Dance Revolution franchise to Nintendo’s new-generation console, Wii. The game is called Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party and uses the Wii-mote, making it totally unique amongst the many DDR games in the last ten years.

Like traditional DDR games, Hottest Party requires that players coordinate with on-screen arrows, tapping each arrow on their dance pad with their feet. In addition to this traditional theme, Konami’s debut Wii DDR title also employs use of the Wii-mote, requiring gamers to wave the controller at precise moments.

The game will also ship with a number of new modes, including Friendly Synch multiplayer mode, where two players are challenged to dance and wave the Wii-mote in perfect unison. There is also Battle Mode, where gamers will not only compete with each other but also use the Wii remote to obstruct each other. Cooperative play is also included, along with returning modes Free Play and Workout Mode.

Hottest Party features a soundtrack sporting top-charting hits from a variety of genres over the last four decades.

For more information on DDR: Hottest party, click here, and check out our hands-on preview with the title.


by: Ray Almeda

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more crazier.
Just when everyone thought that new DDR games signaled for newer mixes, songs, and steps, Konami announces Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party, an intriguingly different game exclusively for Nintendo’s Wii.

DDR: Hottest Party includes some interesting gameplay options such as four-player multiplayer with great total body interaction, but thanks to the Wii’s free-motion controls, the game implements Wii Remote and Nunchuck movement. The game keeps its dance mat intact, but with the addition of the Wii’s controller scheme, arm movement will also be needed simultaneously. These new movements are indicated by two, flashing straight-lines that float up to the familiar directional (feet) arrows. For instance, if the arm-movement indicators show up under the right-directional arrow, you’ll need to point the Wii remote and nunchuck to your right. This new element also allows you to send obstructions to your opponents in competition mode. All in all, the combination brings total-body interaction with the game, while satisfying hardcore fans with a whole new dimension.

There’s a few more enhancements and mini-games as well, most of which Konami promises to be “truly different.” These modes, including Friendly Synch and Kind Support Mode, should enliven the title’s already obvious cooperation and competition themes. The multiplayer mini-games heavily favor the simultaneous play option, which should be a crazy [and expensive] opportunity. And of course, the all-new soundtrack will include licensed smash-hits from the last 4 decades, like Jamiroqui and Depeche Mode.

Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party came out in 2007

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