Exploring the EA NDA leak. (EA Headset/Microphone?)

Exploring the EA NDA leak. (EA Headset/Microphone?)


The Wiicast

GDC is a place for developers to come together to gripe about and praise the industry. The platform also serves as a place for developers to show the press upcoming products and projects. During these events press are sometimes required to sign NDAs (Non Disclosure Agreements) to protect their work. Recently 1up discussed two EA projects on their podcast which according to gonintendo, were both under NDAs signed by anyone who attended the event.

From Gonintendo:

…a certain site has broken their NDA and talked about a bit of EA news. This is being lumped in with a bit of news concerning a mic for the Wii. We already knew that a microphone was heading to the Wii via High School Musical (which has one packed in). The second part is a major break of NDA. Everyone that was with me at the EA event signed the NDA as well, and we can’t talk about this game. I won’t be posting on it, or discussing it in any way. PLEASE keep from commenting about the site in question, or the news if you have heard it. We don’t want to get in any trouble with EA, which we had the pleasure of building some great relationships with during the week.

It is true that there will be a microphone released for the “High School Musical” game from Disney, but details about how the microphone will interact with the controller/hook up to the system are still a mystery. In the 1up Podcast the crew discusses a microphone/headset from ea designed to be used with a “Rhythm Game”. They describe the rhythm game as “amazing” and state that if EA can pull off what they’re trying to do, the game will be unlike anything else. Another part of the podcast is focused on Manhunt and Manhunt 2. In the original Manhunt players used the Xbox/PS2 headset to get clues from the game and use the microphone to lure victims out of the shadows. During the podcast the question of how this will work on the Wii version of Manhunt 2 came up. “It’ll probably just use the headset from the rhythm game” says one of the podcast crew. “And I know you’ll be hearing all sorts of weird noises coming from the Wii remote speaker.” says another.
While most of this could be considered speculation and no other sites have commented and reported on it (because of NDAs), Gonintendo seems to be confirming that some, if not all of what the 1up crew is talking about is true with their aknowledgement of the NDAs signed. Like all things in the game industry, when it all comes down to it, we’ll just have to wait for official announcements.

The Wiicast was not at EA’s GDC event, and is not under any kind of NDA.

Gonintendo article:
1up Podcast (march 9th)

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