Gamestop’s Secret Las Vegas Convention

Gamestop’s Secret Las Vegas Convention

Living in Las Vegas is a beautiful thing, Especially when it comes to learning about to secret retail conventions. This past weekend at the Green Valley Ranch Resort and Casino, Gamestop inc held a convention for their management. According to my sources (and a little eavesdropping from a security guard) the convention is focusing on completely restructuring the Gamestop brand. The look, design, logos, etc will all be getting a major overhaul. One of the major changes will be their new slogan and mantra: “Power to the Players”, which is already popping up this weekend on numerous website ads. Also in effect is a program tracking certain “random” games’ pre-order sales to see if the standard pre-order deposit should be $10. We will have coupons for this when it comes out listed here,  Nothing Earth shattering, but interesting nonetheless. Expect Gamestop to make some announcements in the coming weeks. As long as it benefits the consumer, I’m all for it. Just as a side note, according to my source, Gamestop has no interest in buying out Game Crazy stores, who have been having some recent financial trouble.

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  1. Having worked for gamestop for the last 5 years i can tell you the most likely reason for this is to get people to pick up their pre-orders.Thats what we did with the reserves of metroid prime corruption in june it was a test run to see if people would actually come back and get it because it was $10 down instead of $5.

  2. GameStop is the worst for pre-orders. They never have the games i want on the release date. Everyone else gets games on Tuesday, but GameStop always seems to have trouble.

  3. Okay, let’s get the facts straight. GameCrazy does not have financial troubles at all. Their parent company, Movie Gallery, definitely does. The fact is, GameCrazy is making a ton and actually keeping the doors open for Hollywood Video and Movie Gallery. If you’re going to make comments, make sure it’s the whole truth.

    Anyway, I think GameStop needs to retool their image because right now, most hardcore gamers see GameStop as a place where the employees don’t know about games. Not to mention the TERRIBLE trade values and high priced used games compared to GameCrazy. I have actually gotten to the point where I drive right past GameStop to GameCrazy (mostly) and to Best Buy. Oh and I just have to say to GameStop… STOP OPENING ALL THE NEW GAMES!!!

  4. i actually work at GS and the Las Vegas Convention is actually Sept 9th-13th. so im not sure how this news got out when it hasnt happened yet.

    and yea metroid and Mario strikers were $10 to pre order(Which is a bad idea.)

  5. I just preordered Metroid Prime 3 last Friday and it was $10 down minimum which suprised me because I had just preordered Bioshock for the usual $5 a week earlier.

  6. Gamestop are not starting to do $10 pre-orders, It was only for 5 titles, which were Metroid Corruption, Singstar Amped, and 2 other games that arent worthy anyway. It was supposed to be a test…because people obviously dont think it is a big deal losing $5 and never picking up the game. so maybe $10 can make them realize “oh snap, i put down $10 on this game, i better go pick it up”.

    You may not think so, but some GS/EB stores have hundreds of games that were never picked up, some are even discontinued and rare to get (like 2 reserves left for Marvel Vs Capcom 2, that never got picked up).

    and the post itself is shady itself. another hippy movement to take down a corporation and stuff. The manager meeting has not happened yet, all the information is false, and really, it aint so secret.

    so, once again i say to the people, stop whining.

  7. The convention is sept. 9-13th.

  8. For goodness sake…it’s not the LV convention, it was the corporate convention for the management of Gamestop. Like the post says: “Nothing Earth shattering, but interesting nonetheless.” Nice find, Fozzie dude.

  9. yeah my manager leaves next weekend for the convention. Hopefully my manager will brings back goodies(lol). But intel that i received about the $10 rezos. is to help push people to pick up there copy of the game. At our store we still have reservations of madden that people still haven’t picked up.

  10. I agree with the comment earlier about Game Crazy keeping the doors open for Movie Gallery. While the video side is down, Game Crazy is actually increasing their comp over last year and indeed keeping the doors open for Hollywood Video and Movie Gallery. Also, while GameStop is doing their $10 preorders, Game Crazy will be doing them for $5 and I’ll also get a rent 1 get 1 free coupon for Hollywood Video. And if my game doesn’t come in on the release date and it’s Game Crazy’s fault then I’ll get a 10% discount off my preorder when I pick it up the next day. How sweet is that? GameStop can change their look and their logos all they want, but if they still have ignorant associates behind the counter who don’t know anything about guest service then it’s still going to be the same tired dump that people hate.

  11. I also work at a Gamestop and I can’t say any of this is new news except for the fact that the conference is at Vegas instead of Texas. I am unfortunately stuck at my store rather than Vegas which would’ve been sweet. The power to the gamer thing i’ve been reading now for alittle more than a week and I thought it sucked then. The $10 deposit started with Metroid Prime and is as far as I know still in testing. Todays crap changes ended up breaking most of our credit machines so my guess is that any significant changes are a ways out and that since they still can’t make little changes without screwing something up is proof enough that they haven’t exactly been on the ball.

  12. For all you GS haters out there. Why? Just because you went to one store and didnt get the service you wanted dose not mean that other stores are the same and as far as the preordering issue, ive talk to GS emp. and it’s not their fault. sometimes it’s the shipping company the screws up have you thought about that. On top of that ive shopped at GS for quite some time now and yes i have been let down sometimes by the promisses that they have given but at the same time the store that i have gone to has always found a way to make up for it one way or another

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