I Only Read It For the Articles, I Swear.

The July issue of Playboy has an interesting article in their review section called “Justification Station”. Among talking about issues like how gaming improves your eyesight, the article mentions the benefits of playing the Wii as well as the benefits of Brain Training. Great to see Nintendo getting coverage in an unconventional medium.

Another interesting note: Miss July’s turn-ons are tattoos and guys with confidence.

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Joey said…
Articles? You know there’s naked ladies in there, right?
Scott Alexander said…
“Great to see Nintendo getting coverage in an unconventional medium.”

Glad to hear you enjoyed our July sidebar. Not sure how unconventional the coverage is, though. You’ll find a page on videogames in every issue of Playboy, as well as a full feature every November. And we love us some Nintendo (you’ll find a Metroid Prime 3 review in the September issue). Thanks much for the plug.

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Scott Alexander
Playboy Magazine

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