Nintendo, Hal working together on middleware.

Nintendo, Hal working together on Middleware.

 The Wiicast

Recently some details have surfaced about a collaboration between Hal Labs (Super Smash Bros) and Nintendo. No, it’s not a new amazing game, it’s a series of “middleware” programs for the Nintendo Wii. Fist up on the menu is a text to speech program. The program will collect and read headlines aloud from the news and weather channels making it substantially more accessible to disabled gamers. Speaking of text to speech, Nintendo filed a patent (see inset photo) for a Speech to Text programt. This patent would allow users to speak into a microphone to transmit text on screen during online games or into text boxes. The patent also goes so far to say that the program can recognize when a user is stressing certain words and will transmit the stressed words to bold text. The example in the photo is “I’m going to BLAST you”. “I’m going to blast YOU“. While not part of these confirmations it is valid speculation for the moment.
The other middleware Hal and Nintendo are are working on are advances fur shading software and Predictive input. Predictive input will read a users movements in the console and “learn” to predict what moves the user will make next, streamlining the Wii interface. Whether or not any of these programs will ever see the light of day is still up in the air. Stay tuned for a confirmation.

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