Sadness Loses Publishing Partner..

Ign Boards user RyPeters5 contacted frontline studios about Sadness:

My email:

Dear Frontline Studios,

NIBRIS claims that you are programming the game called
Sadness for the Nintendo Wii. Most of us believe that this game is
nothing but a scam – a big joke that NIBRIS is trying to pull over on
us. The artwork and concept of the game seem too good to be true, and
the lack of information on it give us the conclusion that the game is
actually not in development at all and is just to gain attention from
Nintendo consumers. I was just wondering if you can confirm that you
are programming the game Sadness for NIBRIS and can for a fact say
that the game is not fake. Thanks for your time!



Frontline Studio’s Email:

Hello Ryan,
I can confirm that FRONTLINE is no longer interested in developing Sadness
game based on Nibris’ concept, and also Nibris is not authorized to claim
anything on behalf of FRONTLINE.

Best regards,

Marcin Machel

Sadness made waves across the gaming community when it was announced for Revolution last year. Nibris’s employees have been diligently patrolling internet message boards trying to get their game promoted. The game uses a unique ‘all balck and white’ style along with custom Wii Remote movements. Much debate has been about the status of the project and if it will ever be released or end up being the Wii’s version of Duke Nukem Forever.
So Looks like Nibris is out a publisher (Should this email turn out accurate). I never really believed Sadness would ever see the light of day soon, but this is definitely a major setback for Nibris, Who’s creating the game in conjunction with Digital Amigos. The Wiicast is in contact with frontline studios and will update you as soon as information is received. Stay Tuned!

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Update: FRONTLINE studios was their “Publishing Partner”

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