Super Mario 1-1 Clock: DIY! Under $20!

Build A Super Mario 1-1 Clock: DIY! Under $20!

Well with my free time this week I decided to make another Nintendo clock. This time I tackled 1-1 from Super Mario Bros. The clock it’s self is pretty large 16″x20″. Here’s the rundown of supplies.

Images from Google image search: $0
Black Paint: $1.50
Mounted 16×20 canvas (Cotton Duck Brand): $3.50
Clock Kit: $8.00
Replacement clock hands: $1.99
Glue Stick: $0.99
Clear matte spray: $3.00

Making your very own Mario clock: Priceless….well actually it’s about $19.00

I started by with painting the canvas black. Instead of using a brush, I crumpled up a plastic bag and rubbed the paint on the canvas in a circular motion. I wanted to use black so the silver clock hands would pop. After the paint was dry I selected and cut out my images. I used high quality paper and a laser printer. I then used the gluestick to apply the images to the painted canvas. Make sure to really get the edges glued down (I rolled the body of the gluestick over the images to get rid of any air bubbles and secure the edges). After the images were all in place, I took the canvas outside and sprayed it with the matte. Make sure you’re in an open area. Spray one coat then wait 15min and apply another. You should only need two coats. After everything is dry, take a razor knife and cut a small ‘X’ where you want the clock to be. Push the stem of the clock kit through the ‘X’ in the canvas so it fits snugly in place. Assemble the clock hands onto the clock kit, insert a battery and viola, your brand new custom clock.

Some tips:

Once you place the clock kit you may want to tape it to the back of the canvas for extra support. You can use clear packing tape or Duct tape.

The Spray Matte is a very important step, it helps secure your images and protects from dust.

Personally I really like this clock in comparison to the last one I made. It’s big, interesting and not too busy. If you guys get the urge to make one yourselves, please send me pictures! I’ll post them to the site. Also you can post all of your video game related art int he Art section of the forums…Tell Gummie I sent you.

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