Wii Play: “Hey, at least it comes with a remote!”

Wii Play: “Hey, at least it comes with a remote!”

Today I ventured out to see if I could find a copy of Wii Play. Having heard all the preorder horror stories revolving around this game, I wasn’t really expecting to find it. By the time I got out of the house, gamestop had already closed (I’m a night owl) so I headed to the local 24hr Wallyworld (that’s Walmart for those of you not in the know) and lo and behold, they had a stockpile of Wii Play: INCLUDES REMOTE! Okay, maybe not a stockpile…but at least 20 copies. So I purchased one like a good little consumer (along with a couple of DVDs) and i was on my way home.
Once at home I popped the disk into my Wii, placing the “Free” remote aside for later. I was immediatly struck by how similar the setup is to Wii Sports. There are 9 games in total, most of them very un-fun. When you start the game, you are required to play all of the events in order, you are not allowed to pick an event to play unless you have completed the one before it. It took me about 20min to play through the events solo. I’ll break down all the events (in order) and give you the pros and cons:

Shooting Gallery
Basically a simplified “Duck Hunt” but without the wise cracking mutt. This game has the player shooting at targets, balloons, discs, and ducks. Some things give you bonus points when you hit them, others (like targets with you face on them) take points away. It’s fun for a little while solo, but much better with multiple people.

Find Mii
The object of this game is to look at a group of Miis and pick out the matching pair or the odd man out.

Table Tennis
Oh man is this game BORING. basically all you do is move the remote to the left and to the right and try to volley the ball as many times as you can. That’s it. The suggested number of volleys to complete is 100…like I’m sticking around to see that happen…

Pose Mii
Okay I actually did have a bit of fun with this game. The object is to pose your Mii and rotate them to fit inside these bubbles that are falling. In the later levels the game has you switching poses on the fly very quickly. If a bubble hits the bottom of the screen and pops, you lose. It’s pretty enjoyable, but not for the easily frustrated.

Laser Hockey
Have you ever played Pong? Did you like it? If so, you’ll love Laser Hockey. it’s a classic pong-type game but you’re free to move your paddle over an entire half of the board. you can also twist your paddle to make more complicated shots.

Nine Ball
Easily the best game out of the bunch. It’s a game of 9 ball where you move the Wii controller backward and forwards mimicking a pool cue. There actually a lot of depth to the game. However, 9 ball is the only option, theres no traditional 8 ball mode.

Move your controller in a 3D space and catch paper fish! Yay! When the fish nipple flick the remote up to hook ’em! Oh brother.

Cow Racing
Cow racing is pretty cool. You hold the remote in the “classic” position (on it’s side) and tilt left and right to steer….get it, steer? oh, never mind. you accelerate by rolling the controller forward and jump by flicking it upwards. The object of this game is to complete the course and amass points for jumping hurdles and knocking over lines of scarecrows.

They only game in the collection that uses the Nunchuck (although you can play with JUST the remote alone also). Pilot a Tank and shoot at other people in little tanks. You can also drop mines. This game is HORRIBLE alone, it’s 100 times better with a friend.

So now we ask the question: Is this a game with a free remote? or Is this a remote with a free “game”? My answer is to neither of those questions. Wii Play is a great way to introduce people gradually to the Wii Remote, that’s certain. Personally I think this could have been included at launch either as a Pack In or as a preloaded channel in the Wii Menu. If you can’t find a controller, there’s no reason to not pick up this game. If, by now, you already have a few controllers and are comfortable using them, I’d say skip this one for now…it’ll be in the bargain bin soon enough. One last note…the Mii’s in this game have hands…A preview of things to come?

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